The Value of Construction Inspections

The purchasers of re-sale homes generally always tend to have them inspected before the initial purchase takes place. However the purchaser’s of new homes often do not take this crucial step.

Below are the multiple reasons for this:
• The buyer of a new home will think inspection is an unnecessary added cost
•The buyer will believe that they can rely on the builders reputation

• The buyer does not want to get a third party involved
• Buyers do not always realise that home inspection is recommended
• The buyer plans to keep an eye on all of the construction that takes place

Builder and Buyer Relationship
Construction of a home is sometimes seen as one’s biggest investment. However many do not want to interfere with the builder even though it is of utmost importance for the builder and buyer to have an ongoing trustworthy  relationship throughout the entire construction process. It is possible to be both amiable and respectful at the same time, while still maintaining the right to bring up problems or concerns that you may have. It is always seen as a crucial step to establish ground rules for your relationship at the beginning of the project. Due to the fact that at some point in time you may have to tell the builder that you do not agree with something or it is not acceptable in your eyes.

Schedule Inspections
It is essential to always let the builder know well in advance that you will be getting the construction inspected from time to time. Always ensure that there will be enough time available after the final inspection for a few changes or alterations to take place if needed. The 3 inspections that tend to come to mind are:

Foundation Inspection
You should always have an engineer come in to review the construction will in progress. The inspector is hired will check the steel content, depths and post tensions cables and various other parts of the foundation. Most of the time city inspectors should come to determine if the foundation overlaps building lines or not, however it is always best to still approach an inspector in case any problems do occur then you will have multiple sources to reference by.

Pre-Sheetrock Inspection
At this stage of the construction the builder will usually invite the home owner to walk through after the framing, plumbing and electric wiring has been completed. This is the best time to look at all of your available outlet locations, window and door placements.

While you look at the layout your inspector will look closely at the construction. After inspection it is best to let the builder know that you will provide him/her with the report immediately so that the problem items can be addressed before all the walls are closed up.

Final Inspection
When the house is almost complete the builder will generally invite you to do a walk through inspection. It will be in the best of your interests to schedule your inspector to come with.

The Construction Inspection
It is always best to have all items inspected and fixed from the start because and one stage you will want to sell your home and most likely your buyer will want it to be inspected. If the items cannot be fixed before closing of the construction allow the builder to sing a written list of all the items that need to be repaired or even completed.

The building of a new home can be a complicated project and a huge investment but in the end hopefully a rewarding experience. Be sure not to leave the important step of inspection out, it is definitely well worth the investment.

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