Competent Construction Company

Dene Construction was established in 2014, to focus on serving the Residential Construction Industry. With a solid foundation of Engineers, Architects, happy Clients and overseas qualifications combining to give at least 15 years, both locally and abroad in erecting and maintaining client specific projects.

This is why Dene Construction is clearly seen as a Competent Construction Company and enrolled with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council).

Dene Constrcuction offers a large range of services including,  Bulkheads, Suspended Ceilings, Flush Plaster Ceilings and Rhinolight, they install them whether it being big or small.

Some of the services we have on offer:
• At Dene Construction we specialize in general drywall, shelving, partitioning, point of sale and all needed shop fitting requirements.
• We even do interior as well as exterior painting on any surface in any industry at any size and height.
• We can even extend your existing house, flat, warehouse, shop, or even refurbish your swimming pool to ensure no cracks or leaks.
• We can both re-design and create a 3D Model to install your dream kitchen into a reality.

At Dene Construction we offer Residential, Retail and all commercial industry construction services no matter the size or type. With ample amounts international qualifications and of course experience Dene Construction serves the fire, health and safety industry at all times.


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