Drywalling Installations

Drywalling Installations

We at Dene Construction specialize in Drywalling for any type of application that you, our valued customers, may desire.

We have vast amounts of experience on drywalling installations and partitions in any industry locally as well as abroad. We also build curved walls for custom applications, and can vary from square to round to triangular applications.

Drywall applications tend to be very popular in large developments where new clients can or want to alter the size of a room.

Drywall construction became prevalent as a speedier alternative to the traditional brick and plaster method. It is usually only used indoors to create partitions where needed.

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Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you have shopped for new kitchen cabinets recently, you know that it’s often much more economical to refinish your old cabinets then to go out and buy new ones. Here are 8 tips that will make your kitchen cabinet refinishing a huge success:


  1. If your cabinets are painted, remove the paint with a chemical stripper. If your cabinets are stained or varnished, either clean the surface well or remove most of the stain or varnish with a chemical re-finisher, this is relatively simple to do and will not take too much of your time.
  2. Take the doors off your cabinets and remove the handles and all the hardware. It will be much easier if you lay the doors flat to work on them rather than leaving on their hinges.
  3. It will then be best check and see how much damage there is to the cabinets. If there is only minimal damage, such as dark stains around the door handles, just clean these areas. Use a synthetic steel wool pad because it won’t hurt your fingers or get caught on the wood grain.
  4. Dip the pad in paint thinner, mineral spirits, or turpentine, and get scrubbing. Then lightly scrub the whole surface, cleaning and dulling it so the new finish will stick easily.
  5. Once you have cleaned the surface and removed the dark stains, it is then time to wipe on an oil-based, clear finish. All clear finishes are low-odour and most are available in either glossy or satin finish. It is best to apply several coats for a thicker and more vibrant finish.
  6. If you find you need to redo more than just a few stained areas, use a chemical re-finisher – a strong solvent cleaner that dissolves and removes part of the old varnish. If you are unsure on this then ask an expert at your local paint store to suggest a good quality re-finisher.
  7. When you are using the chemical re-finisher, work in small areas, and scrub the finish with a synthetic steel wool pad. The chemical re-finisher will remove the finish and even out the colour of the wood and stain.
  8. The cabinet’s surface should be smooth and evenly coloured once you have scrubbed the entire surface. If you find it isn’t, just wipe the entire cabinet in long, overlapping strokes with clean re-finisher. Most of the stain colour will remain, and the wood will or should be very smooth.

    It is extremely important that you wear protective clothing at all times and make sure that your work area is well-ventilated when refinishing your cabinets due to the fact that the chemicals you will use are extremely strong in smell and should not be placed on ones skin at any time.

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Competent Construction Company

Dene Construction was established in 2014, to focus on serving the Residential Construction Industry. With a solid foundation of Engineers, Architects, happy Clients and overseas qualifications combining to give at least 15 years, both locally and abroad in erecting and maintaining client specific projects.

This is why Dene Construction is clearly seen as a Competent Construction Company and enrolled with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council).

Dene Constrcuction offers a large range of services including,  Bulkheads, Suspended Ceilings, Flush Plaster Ceilings and Rhinolight, they install them whether it being big or small.

Some of the services we have on offer:
• At Dene Construction we specialize in general drywall, shelving, partitioning, point of sale and all needed shop fitting requirements.
• We even do interior as well as exterior painting on any surface in any industry at any size and height.
• We can even extend your existing house, flat, warehouse, shop, or even refurbish your swimming pool to ensure no cracks or leaks.
• We can both re-design and create a 3D Model to install your dream kitchen into a reality.

At Dene Construction we offer Residential, Retail and all commercial industry construction services no matter the size or type. With ample amounts international qualifications and of course experience Dene Construction serves the fire, health and safety industry at all times.

The Value of Construction Inspections

The purchasers of re-sale homes generally always tend to have them inspected before the initial purchase takes place. However the purchaser’s of new homes often do not take this crucial step.

Below are the multiple reasons for this:
• The buyer of a new home will think inspection is an unnecessary added cost
•The buyer will believe that they can rely on the builders reputation

• The buyer does not want to get a third party involved
• Buyers do not always realise that home inspection is recommended
• The buyer plans to keep an eye on all of the construction that takes place

Builder and Buyer Relationship
Construction of a home is sometimes seen as one’s biggest investment. However many do not want to interfere with the builder even though it is of utmost importance for the builder and buyer to have an ongoing trustworthy  relationship throughout the entire construction process. It is possible to be both amiable and respectful at the same time, while still maintaining the right to bring up problems or concerns that you may have. It is always seen as a crucial step to establish ground rules for your relationship at the beginning of the project. Due to the fact that at some point in time you may have to tell the builder that you do not agree with something or it is not acceptable in your eyes.

Schedule Inspections
It is essential to always let the builder know well in advance that you will be getting the construction inspected from time to time. Always ensure that there will be enough time available after the final inspection for a few changes or alterations to take place if needed. The 3 inspections that tend to come to mind are:

Foundation Inspection
You should always have an engineer come in to review the construction will in progress. The inspector is hired will check the steel content, depths and post tensions cables and various other parts of the foundation. Most of the time city inspectors should come to determine if the foundation overlaps building lines or not, however it is always best to still approach an inspector in case any problems do occur then you will have multiple sources to reference by.

Pre-Sheetrock Inspection
At this stage of the construction the builder will usually invite the home owner to walk through after the framing, plumbing and electric wiring has been completed. This is the best time to look at all of your available outlet locations, window and door placements.

While you look at the layout your inspector will look closely at the construction. After inspection it is best to let the builder know that you will provide him/her with the report immediately so that the problem items can be addressed before all the walls are closed up.

Final Inspection
When the house is almost complete the builder will generally invite you to do a walk through inspection. It will be in the best of your interests to schedule your inspector to come with.

The Construction Inspection
It is always best to have all items inspected and fixed from the start because and one stage you will want to sell your home and most likely your buyer will want it to be inspected. If the items cannot be fixed before closing of the construction allow the builder to sing a written list of all the items that need to be repaired or even completed.

The building of a new home can be a complicated project and a huge investment but in the end hopefully a rewarding experience. Be sure not to leave the important step of inspection out, it is definitely well worth the investment.

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Plan Ideas For Garage Extensions

The extensions of garages has taken off over the past few years. Many people that have homes have decided that they want to build onto it in one way, shape, or form. Most people have found that a new garage would give them exactly what they are looking for.

When you are looking to take on a garage extension construction project, the first thing you

will need to do is start out with an initial plan of the new structure. Garage construction plans can be easily found in a number of different places.

If you have decided to build your own garage you will have to draw up your own plans or possibly get someone else to draw them up for you according to the design you want. If you do choose to make use of a contractor one of the advantages is that they will be able to provide you with a number of different plans.

Regardless of your plans or who is going to actually build your garage extensions, make sure that you have a detailed plan so that your project follows along as it is supposed to. It I always best to have a plan set out, with step by step details. Finding a garage construction plan that suits your needs should turn out to be relatively easy. One of the first things you will need to do is determine how much space you have, as well as how big you want your new garage to be. You could decide on a single garage which is sometimes seen as basic or you could decide to build a multi car unit with a storage space on top. This is obviously all based on the space you have.

Another determining factor is price. The smaller garage will equal a lower price, but also remember by doing the job yourself you will be able to save a lot of money on labour. The construction of a garage may be all that is needed to take the look and functionality of your home to the next level.

To find out more about garage extensions contact Dene Construction.



Dene Constrution is able to supply the shopfitting industry with all related bespoke designs and fittings including all finishing like plastering/rhinolight, painting and tiling. We have an extensive list of contractors thus we are able to deliver a turnkey project to any customer.

Shelving, partitioning, point of sale and all shopfitting requirements are available from Dene Construction.

Contact Dene Construction now for more information or a quote on shopfitting.


Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting

Painting is the single most important final finish to any construction project. This is the part where we take great care, time and effort to ensure a room or item is perfectly prepared and perfectly finished.

Our customers choose their colour from various different brands such as Dulux, Plascon, Stevensons etc, and we paint it to their satisfaction.

We offer interior and exterior painting on any surface in any industry at any height.

Contact Dene Construction today for a quote on painting.